Combining design strategy, systems thinking and user experience to create innovative solutions that promote wellbeing in emerging technologies.

multimodal solutions
Experience Design

Extended Reality, IoT and wearable technology solutions that utilize nonintrusive design, calm computing principles and speculative methodologies in multimodal design systems.


Wearable tech design for augmented cities using an AI-driven voice assistance.


Interactive device and wearable system to enhance the yoga practice through haptics.


Exploration of museum spaces and non-intrusive wearables using IoT.


Immersive installation design bringing artists and fans closer through digital storytelling.

digital platforms
UI/UX Design

Digital platform designs - for web, mobile and virtual reality applications using user research, visual design, UX/UI design processes and methodologies.

The Future Happened

Museum of Design Atlanta exhibition website design and education initiative experience.

Spotify for Artists

Optimizing Spotify with a focus on striving artists and artist-fan interactions.


AI-based beauty platform for better customized skin care.

VR Learning

Virtual Reality language and culture learning application using google cardboard.

Space Hero

Branding and redesign of the Space Hero organization website and mobile platforms.

branding & product
Visual Design

Branding, color theory, textile designs and product design.

Museum of Japanese Art

A conceptual branding project based on the Azuchi-Momoyama period of Japan.

Textile Design

Color theory, textile creation and product design for residential and hospitality rugs.


Find more multidisciplinary and experimental projects on coding, sustainability, fine art and more on the explorations page.